Tap for a ride. Hello, lift.

Jersey Lifts is next generation ridesharing

Forget confusing phone calls and long text conversations. Organise a lift with one tap using the new Jersey Lifts app, or start driving in 30 seconds.



Drivers and passengers build and maintain their rating. Reports are monitored by our staff, who can react instantly.



Stop waiting around for a passenger or lift. The Jersey Lifts app connects people based on location, rating and destination.



Jersey Lifts is genuine ridesharing, allowing every user to be both driver and passenger with no complicated sign-up process.

From A to B in three taps.

Search for a destination, click request and wait for your driver. It's as easy as that!

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No extra passwords or accounts to remember when you just want a ride.


Request instantly, lift status updates automatically, even on 3G.


Put your phone away, we'll send you a notification when your lift is nearby.



Forget confusing directions, see your driver/passenger on a map.


Rate your driver/passenger and build your reputation.


Driving dangerously? Unpleasant behaviour? Report with one tap.

Stop wasting time messaging people, start using the Jersey Lifts app

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