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Our ride is outside.

Jersey Lifts team, signing off.

From Friday 19th May 2018, the Jersey Lifts App service will no longer be active. You'll no longer be able to request a ride, view ride history or log into the platform from this time onwards.

We decided to launch this to see if Jersey was ready to accept a mobile-first approach to ridesharing, and to try to combat the current safety concerns being aimed at the then current ways that people were discovering available ridesharing opportunities.

From this point of view, the project was a massive success.

We managed to sign up 4,500+ users (up to 14% of all local 15-55 year olds), most of which were onboarded during the first 2 months by relying purely on social media and word of mouth. We managed to oversee a total of 1,704 completed rides and on Fridays, at our busiest, it took an average of 7 minutes for a lift request to be accepted.

The constant feedback from our users lead to a very natural and responsive approach to adding new features and changing current ones for the better. We believe that we couldn't have become what we ended up with without our users' help.

Sadly, this project was always going to have been one limited by various factors. From a lack of people willing to give lifts outside of peak times, lack of regulatory support, to various individuals questioning our motives behind the project, we've decided that it's run it's course and to move on to other projects. Our goal has always been to show Jersey that instead of relying on external businesses to try to modernise our island, that our homebrew skills can produce these solutions instead.

Thank you for all your support.

Jersey Lifts team.